Technical director Ebay spoke about the future of artificial intelligence in retail

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Technology of artificial intelligence (AI) have been around for many years, but recent advances have translated AI of science fiction in the most important task for a business. For information on how technology will change reteyl, he told VentureBeat Dzhapdzhit Tulsi, CTO  Ebay .
Users interact with artificial intelligence every time they make a purchase on the Internet. For example, the technology can automatically create sound recommendations for buyers. With the new graphics processors, new algorithms and platforms for deep learning AI can pass through billions of values ​​of user data.
Dzhapdzhit Tulsi
CTO Ebay
“We all aspire to a grand vision of artificial intelligence. Already created a favorable environment for new forms of personalization between brands and consumers. Be sure of this, the effects of the AI ​​will be profound. This is a new frontier for trade. “
Now retailers are just beginning to learn about AI. In the next few years, the company will present the assistants for purchases based on artificial intelligence, which will be built into a variety of devices and platforms. In this case, the purchase will be using a camera, voice interfaces and text messages.
Soon VR- and AR-platform will be commercialized, predicted Tulsi. Trade will be present wherever there are people (social platform, instant messengers, or services for the exchange of photos and video).
Dzhapdzhit Tulsi
CTO Ebay
“Artificial Intelligence – the catalyst, not a means to achieve a higher level of personalization. Customer information, as well as human intelligence – the key components required to run an individual AI engine. As soon as we run more complex applications, technical professionals should focus on how to use the precious treasure of effective customer information. “
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In the future, technology will combine customer data and human experience that will enable retailers to gain a clearer picture of the customer’s intentions and serve them according to their personal preferences.
Already for the retailers is not sufficient data search by keywords, because they do not allow you to optimize the quality of customer service. The ability to use text, voice and images gives consumers the opportunity to effectively express their intentions. The Ebay call it multimodal shopping, which allows you to use a variety of user data in the AI ​​algorithms.
Multimodal artificial intelligence allows companies to understand customers and interact with them. For example, a personal assistant for shopping eBay ShopBot in Facebook Messenger can track the size of the user’s shirt or brands he likes. In addition, algorithms are used to find similar products using computer vision.
Dzhapdzhit Tulsi
CTO Ebay
“Innovations in artificial intelligence offer many options for creating personalized and contextual environment for shopping. From our point of view, every company should invest heavily in artificial intelligence. And it should not only be investing in cognitive computing service.
Companies need to develop their own models that will allow them to stay on the cutting edge of technology. In this area, a lot of work to be done. However, one thing is clear: to thrive will be those companies that are planning the right course in this exciting endeavor. These companies do not dare to close. “
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